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Welcome to Hidden Paradise BBS. 

What is our purpose?   Well how about a little background real quick.  We started in 1994 as a free BBS.  We had some pretty rave reviews from our user base back then! We offered many conference areas for our users to talk about anything really. The Online games where the biggest hit of course. Nothing like you know now though. These were text games. Exitilus was the most popular (and we still have it running folks). Now mind you this was back when Windows 95 was just coming out so the transition from the DOS BBS to the "Windows Version" was not so smooth! :)

Anyways.... We started off with the DOS version then quickly transitioned to the Windows version of Wildcat! BBS software. The Windows version opened up the doors to many possibilities. We were not the only BBS in town but we were the ONLY one that gave our users HTML pages! And then the internet was born.... :(

Well we have completed the software upgrades to bring you the new and improved Hidden Paradise BBS (also known as hpbbs)! Check out the About page

Use the above links (left side) to log into the system.  If you have never logged into our system before please click on "New User Login" to start the process.  It's easy! If this is your first time it may be seem overwhelming at first but with some help and patients you'll get the hang of it.  And for those users from the past we still have the ANSI side of the BBS still running....

The best thing to do is download the Navigator which allows you to see our site Graphically (like what you are seeing now). You can do that here: Download Windows Navigator

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