About this system...

Welcome to Hidden Paradise BBS.  What is our purpose?   Well how about a little background real quick.  We started in 1994 as a free BBS.  We had some pretty rave reviews from our user base back then!  We have completed the software upgrades to bring you the new and improved Hidden Paradise BBS (also known as hpbbs)!

    This BBS caters to numerous types of groups.  The first and foremost is the community that surrounds it.  That was the original reason why it was brought alive back in 1998.  Now in 2014 we are connected to FIDO Net, GatorNet, AgoraNet, MicroNet, Sysops Tech Network and a few others.  We have also created our own networks: Public Safety Net, Military Net, Survival / Preppers Net.  News groups are still available also.

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Hardware & Software Information

This system currently operates on a Dual Intel Xeon 2.8 GHz with 3 GB of RAM with Windows Server 2003 as the operating system.

The software is Wildcat! Interactive Net Server from Santronics Software

This system is privately owned and operated. For additional details, feel free to leave a comment to the system operator.

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